Using Style Editor

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Style Editor allows you to create your own menu styles. To start Style Editor click Style Editor button or select Style Editor from Disc menu.




Current style list contains all available styles. Predefined styles are marked with asterisk (*) before the name.


Add as new button creates a new style based on the current settings. Save button saves changes to the current style (this is not available for predefined styles). Rename allows to change the name of the current style, while Delete removes it from the style list (as for Save they work only for user-defined styles).


Background mode allows to choose the background for the menu screen. It may be an image (JPG, PNG, and BMP formats are allowed), solid color, or a gradient. Images will be stretched to 720 x 576 pixels.


Cursor color defines the color of the frame drawn around the item when using DVD navigation keys. Normal is the default state, and Selected is wist selection button pressed down.


Style items list contains components of the menu. They are title, song list, and navigation arrows. Once you select the item it will be displayed in the preview windows. You may change its position by moving the rectangle or adjusting its borders.


For text items (Title and Song list) you may define the font that should be used. For navigation arrows you may choose the style of the arrow. For all items you may also change the color, alignment, and text effects.


User-defined styles are kept in %APPDATA%/Doblon/Karaoke DVD Burner folder.

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