Unlocking and evaluation

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How do I unlock Karaoke DVD Burner

To unlock Karaoke DVD Burner you need to purchase the unlock code from Power Karaoke website. The unlock code will be delivered via email. Once you have it select Unlock from Help menu.




You will have to provide your name, email address used to purchase the unlock code, and the unlock code itself. If the unlock code is accepted all limitations will be removed and you will see your name in the About dialog box.


What are the limitation of the trial version

Trial version of Karaoke DVD Burner has the following limitations:

Only 1 minute of the song will be converted

Banner will be displayed over the lyrics and on menu screens

You will see the purchase prompt from time to time


The best way to enter the unlock code is to select the entire email with the unlock key (press Ctrl+A), and then copy it to the clipboard (press Ctrl+C). All fields in Unlock dialog should be populated.


If this does not work please copy and paste the unlock code. To do this copy it in the registration email (select it with mouse and press Ctrl+C) and then paste into the dialog box (activate unlock code edit box and press Ctrl+V).You may also do the same for email address, as unlock code depends on it.


If this still does not work please send us a screenshot of About and Unlock dialog boxes. Instructions on creating the screenshot can be found here:




For more karaoke software visit Power Karaoke website.