Understanding the disc structure

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Karaoke DVD Burner allows you to create DVD disc with menu and submenus that makes selecting songs much easier. There are two ways you may arrange the songs on the disc:


1.Use flat directory structure (Create folders option is not selected)
The DVD disc created with this setting will have only one level of menus, containing all songs. If the songs will not fit one page, subsequent menus will be created and navigation buttons will be added to the menus.



2.Use folders to organize your songs (Create folders option is selected)
Songs are organized by folders. The root menu of the DVD disc will contain the folder list (it may span onto several pages if necessary) and menu items will lead to submenus with actual songs. This allows you to arrange songs in alphabetic order, you may order it by genre, or by karaoke disc the songs came from. Menus are created automatically and navigation buttons are added if needed.




The only limitation is the total number of menus (99) and the disc size (it should be possible to fit up to 300 songs on a single DVD disc).


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