Adjusting settings

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To open Settings dialog box click Settings button (button-settings) or select Settings from File menu.




Delete files after burning makes sure that DVD image prepared prior to burning will be removed from the hard drive. You may want to uncheck this option if you would like to burn the same disc multiple times.


File folder location points to the hard disc folder where Karaoke DVD Burner creates converted video files and writes DVD image.


MPEG Encoding settings determine the level of compression used for video files. Karaoke video files are always of the same resolution (352 x 288), but you may adjust the compression level for them. By default 400 kbps video stream and 192 kbps audio stream is used.


DVD Song Playback mode defines the way songs are played from DVD disc. You may choose for control to return to the root menu (this is the default setting), or to continue playing the next song on the disc.


Karaoke DVD Burner can connect to the internet database (FreeDB) to get then names of the tracks of CD+G discs. You may disable this feature, you may also choose which FreeDB server should be used.


Check for updates on exit enables periodic checking for software updates from website.

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