Adding tracks from CD+G disc

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To add songs from the CD+G disc select Read CD+G disc button from the main window, click Read CD+G disc button on the toolbar (button-readcdg), or select Add Tracks from CD+G disc command from Folder menu.


Add CD+G Disc Track dialog box will appear.




If you have a CD+G disc inserted in your drive you will see the list of tracks. Karaoke DVD Burner uses FreeDB internet database to display track names. If no internet connection is available only track numbers will be displayed. You may change FreeDB settings in Settings dialog box.

If you have more than one CD/DVD drive select the proper one from Device list.


Mark the songs you would like to add to DVD disc and select the way folders will be created. Following modes are available:

songs will be added to the current folder

a new folder will be created and songs will be added there (this is best if you would like to organize your DVD by CD+G disc names)

a new folder will be created for every artist (this works only for discs for which track list has been downloaded)

a folder with the first letter of the artist name will be created (this is best for creating alphabetically ordered DVD); this mode also works only when track list is available

3. Click OK when ready. Karaoke DVD Burner will save the files to the hard disc. Please note that this process may take some time, as video encoding is a complex task.


Note: CD+G tracks are kept in temporary files. If you save your DVD compilation they will not be deleted from the hard disc. If you do not save the compilation <Karaoke DVD Burner> will delete these files when closing.

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