Adding songs from hard disc with Smart Add

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To scan hard disc for karaoke files select Smart Add button from the main window, click Smart Add button on the toolbar (button-smartadd), or select Smart Add from Folder menu. Smart Add dialog box will appear.




It allows to scan the hard drive for karaoke songs and add them to DVD structure.

Folder to search points to the initial disc folder on the hard drive that contains the songs. If you would like to include subfolders make sure to check Include subfolders option. Also pick the type of the files you would like to add. Currently MP3+G (pairs of MP3 and CDG files of the same name) and BIN files are supported. If you need a software to create MP3+G or BIN files use Power CD+G Burner.

Karaoke DVD Burner can use ID3 from MP3 files or can parse the filenames to determine artist name and song title. If you have ripped the songs with the software that writes ID3 tags to MP3 files (Power CD+G Burner does this), then check Read title/artist data from ID3 tags in MP3 files. If you ID3 tag is available Karaoke DVD Burner may use the filename to extract the names. Choose the correct naming template from the list below.

Automatic folder creation allows to choose the way folders will be created. Following modes are available:

songs will be added to the current folder

a new folder will be created and songs will be added there (this is best if you would like to organize your DVD by CD+G disc names)

a new folder will be created for every artist (this works only for discs for which track list has been downloaded)

a folder with the first letter of the artist name will be created (this is best for creating alphabetically ordered DVD); this mode also works only when track list is available

Once you click OK Karaoke DVD Burner will scan your disc and will add the files to DVD structure.

For more karaoke software visit Power Karaoke website.